The Brand Grupo Lopes Rosa is a registered trademark owned by the company ODIVEL-LAR lda. which is a family business, founded in October 1986 and which operates in the areas of Real Estate, Construction, Project, Property Management and Tourism. LR PROJECT is its brand in the design area, an area that started in 2016.

With experience in Architecture, Urban Design and Urbanism projects, he currently has Urban Thinking projects in progress, as well as residential and service architecture projects.

In addition to the administrative team common to ODIVEL-LAR lda., it is known for a small team of architects, namely:

Rui Rosa, FAUL 1992
Hugo Fernandes, FAUL
Carlos Sol, FAUL
Paulo Guilherme, Designer

Av. D. João II, nº 30, 4ºA
1990-092 Lisboa – Portugal

Tel.: +351 217 990 210
Fax: +351 217 990 219